Servonaut Lighting System LA10


LA10 lighting module


  • Lighting system with 10 switching outputs and IR-transmitter
  • Classic and xenon light (jumper)
  • Parking light, low beam, flasher and high beam
  • Indicator left/right and hazard lights
  • Fog lights front/ turning lights and rear fog lights
  • 2 extra outputs
  • IR-transmitter for AMO for trailer module already installed
  • 2 servo inputs for direct transmission to trailer
  • Compatible with Graupner Nautic and Robbe Multiswitch
  • Adjustable by Prog-Card or Display-Card:
    Turning lights
    American rear lights
    Brightness of outputs
    Xenon and light bulbs intensity
  • Outputs 700mA, overload-proof
  • Battery voltage 7,2 up to 12V
  • Dimensions approx.: 52 x 32 x 15 mm
  • IR-diode not included

This new lighting module, will do all you ever need! It is ideally suited to go with the E22 esc which has the speed control functions of the M24, but without the lights.


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