Pistenking ‘Backfire’ cab fairing rear light 100mm long 1:14/1:16 scale


Pistenking rear fairing lights.



Very thin LED light strips in red for installation on the wind deflector sheets. They are simply glued on and can be used immediately after connecting to a power source.

Connection Option:
The BackFire can for example also be controlled by the Kingbus (parking light).
For this the red wire (plus) is connected to the Kingbus Main Module at “Bat+”. The black wire (minus, GND) is connected to “Out2”. The BackFire are then switched on together with the parking lights.

Delivery Contents:
2 Pieces (right and left) with wires

Technical Data:
– Operating voltage: 5.5 – 12V
– Current: appr. 35mA
– Dimensions: 100 x 8 x 1,2 mm


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