Pistenking ‘Backfire’ amber fairing lights 100mm long 1:14/1:16 scale




Very thin LED light strips in amber for installation on a truck model. They are simply glued on and can be used immediately after connecting to a power source.

Connection Option:
The BackFire can for example also be controlled by the Kingbus (parking light).
For this the red wire (plus) is connected to the Kingbus Main Module at “Bat+”. The black wire (minus, GND) is connected to “Out2”. The BackFire are then switched on together with the parking lights.

Delivery Contents:
2 Pieces (right and left) with wires

Technical Data:
– Operating voltage: 5.5 – 12V
– Current: appr. 35mA
– Dimensions: 100 x 8 x 1,2 mm


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